Innovation is at the centre of our health services.
Our concept of innovation is to use our know-how, technology and processes to reveal the incredible benefits of plants and to provide you original, safe and effective solutions.


At Althae Nutrition we are the leading partner for health and wellness solutions and a driving force for modern nutrition. We believe that health food provides people with the energy for life. That is why we create products for better live in dietetic food, snacks and food supplements.

Tomorrow’s nutrition poses new challenges with regards to quantity, quality, variety and sustainability.

Therefore we think about recipes and ingredients in new ways and take a new approach: we connect with markets and consumers, listening carefully and sounding out consumers’ unmet needs.

As the genuine partner along the human nutrition value chain, we want to help our customers to create attractive new products—products that people around the world really need, like and love, because they perfectly fit both regional culture and personal lifestyle.

The Click&Drink ® packaging and all the innovations that we developped since more than 4 years are products dedicated to the human nutrition market –it is about thinking in real foods and brands.

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Click & Drink ® Exclusive Formulation “Hair&Nails” Growths Simualtion and Cosmetic Enhancer

Hair and nails can become brittle for different reasons: seasonal changes, diets, fatigue, stress … the hair falls, they lose their luster and the nails are split.

These ampoules contain keratin, the main component of superficial body growths, and active ingredients such as selenium, zinc, biotin or vitamins C and B6 which bring many benefits:

  • Contribution to the normal synthesis of cysteine, a component of hair and nails.
  • Maintenance of normal hair and nails.
  • Contribution to the protection of cells against oxidative stress.

1 single dose per day, during a meal and if possible during breakfast.

This program can be taken continuously for 2 months, ideally in the fall and spring.

Click & Drink Hair&Nails

Click & Drink ® organic shot 10mL

Sugar free – Soyfree – Daily free – Non OGM – Eco-friendly

We propose an innovative packaging with organic ingredients, and free of preservatives. Those food supplements, functional food as the seeds to drink, and nutricosmetics fit for all your needs.

Actually we have on stock to your disponibility, 6 shots Click & Drink ®, available on stock, on private label, with very low minimum of order. We already developed 80 formulations: Wellness – Beauty – Sports nutrition – Energy – Functionnal food.

We offer also large possibilities to produce your own product with your own recipe, meeting your specific needs through tailored product.

Click & Drink Celu Pro
Click & Drink Complex Pro
Click & Drink Globalis Detox
Click & Drink Drena Pro
Click & Drink Hyalu Pro
Click & Drink Laxa Pro
Click & Drink Oceans 31
Click & Drink Capture Pro

The Organic Seeds to Drink ® shot 10mL

Gluten free – Sugar free – Non OGM – Vegan – Eco-friendly

This innovative concept is the future and mostly the unique valid presentation for seeds, as each gram of seed is converted in an extract ready-to-drink or to mix in food or drink.
This new presentation allows the consumer to have the full benefits of the seeds, because if they are not crunched, the actives contents of seeds can’t act.

Focus on 5 of them: digestive, full of vitamins, natural appetite suppressant, anti-oxidant… The organic seeds have only benefits! Ready- to- drink, or mixed in a savoury salads, in a yogurt, a muesli bowl, in the morning or in your favorite herbal infusion or tea.

Cap’ Seed ®

Organic Sesame – Gluten free – Sugar free –Vegan – Non OGM

Our last product launched in this category is based on organic Sesame seed. The capsule is sterilized and free of preservatives, the seeds are organic, and each capsule contains 5g of seeds!

Focus on the Sesame, 10 amazing benefits: Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health, but are often overlooked. They include the ability to prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, prevent a wide variety of cancers, build strong bones, protect against radiation, increase heart health, help cure sleep disorders, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost respiratory health, strengthen your oral health, aid in healthy growth, improve circulation, detoxify the body, and eliminate depression and chronic stress.

Sesame seeds are derived from an unremarkable plant of the Sesamum genus and bears the scientific name of Sesamum indicum.

Slim Formule Green Tea
Slim Formule Tea
Slim Formule Green Coffee
Slim Formule Red Fruits

Overall Activity of SLIM Formule ®

The SLIM Formule ® products represents the outcome of the modern research and traditional medicine.

This is a fruit of five years of intensive research to select, upgrade, concentrate and test active principles from natural dietary products each playing a predefined role specific role in waste reduction. The aim of this research was to present probably one of the rare natural product which helps to loose weight in the absence of any dietary measures.

An independent clinical trial proved, beyond doubt, that the oral SLIM Formule® drinks helps to reduce weight and improve intestinal transit. The activity is progressive and was observed in more than 80% participants. None of the participants followed any strict diet.

The SLIM Formule® products contains dietary ingredients to stimulate the elimination process of body wastes and to reduce weight.

Patents of SLIM Formule®: 1. (hcm) International PCT N° 96 400 8643 | 2. (lpd) Fr. 95 05146 (reg. 97956) | 3. (cr) Fr. 2 747 307 (Reg. 96 04762) | 4. (fmg) Fr. 96 04763