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Customized food supplements to complement your diet: Natural and effective health solutions that fully respect the environment.
To preserve the health of your body and mind, you should have every day a healthy and balanced diet.
Food supplements are food products that complement your diet.
They contain vitamins or minerals, obtained through plants or herbal preparations.
Since 2006, food supplements are subject to a detailed regulation, ensuring the highest safety for you and your customers.


Protein snacks, shakes and powdered proteins are a quick, practical and effective way to consume the right amount of proteins and consequently achieve your results.
Proteins are one of the essential macronutrients used by the body to build, repair and preserve lean mass.
Anybody undertaking intense physical exercise, and trying to build up the muscle mass or to reduce the fat mass, knows that proteins are crucial.
Proteins are found in a wide range of products. However, high-quality powdered proteins are essential to those who must comply with specific nutritional needs due to intensive training.


Nutrition and beauty.
Nutricosmetic solutions are offered to help you act from to inside to obtain effects on the outside. Wellness is intrinsic to a balanced diet.
Reinforce, stimulate, and illuminate: food supplements have recognized virtues, and contribute to pampering skin and hair, and having a complexion that shines with beauty all year round.
Discover, and offer to your customers presale high-tech beauty novelties for 2018.


Why having food supplements?
Muscles are mostly made of proteins. During physical exercise sessions, your body makes intense efforts. Muscles suffer, and that results in tiny cracks within them. Eventually, it may lead to muscle loss.
To repair the affected muscles and preserve muscle mass, it is necessary to provide your body with protein-rich food supplements, which help it to recover.
If the objective is increasing your muscle mass, it is also useful to have food supplements.
As it is also essential to enjoy your diet, we have selected high-quality raw materials to provide sports supplements that have both a good taste and nutritional properties.


Althae Nutrition Store, now online!

More than 130 delicious diet products and food supplements to rehydrate or ready to have.

Food is a matter dear to our hearts, and together with our customers we want to create new, attractive products that consumers around the world really need, like and love.

October 2021: Althae Nutrition will be present at the Vitafoods in Geneva.

Visit us in the French Pavillon – Innovations and Surprises are waiting for you!

Althae Nutrition was present at the following trades:

Natexpo cocktail party

Althae nutrition was invited at Natexpo cocktail party

Organized by SPAS, organizer of the Natexpo fair, and member of the Natexbio federation

Natexpo presentation evening “International Salon of Organic Products”

At the Eiffel Tower, in the Gustave Eiffel lounge.

22 October 2018

Althae Nutrition was present at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2018

22-23 April 2018 | ExCeL London
# C27 Beauty & Spa

Natural & Organic Products Europe

Europe’s favourite natural business show
Natural & Organic Products Europe is Europe’s biggest trade show for natural products – making it the ‘must attend’ event for buyers of everything from natural healthcare products, natural and organic foods, through to natural personal care and eco-household products.

Vitafoods Finished Products Europe

The annual nutraceutical supply chain event
Vitafoods Europe attracts 18,500+ of the most senior decision-makers across the globe within the key industry areas of Nutraceutical Ingredients and Raw Materials, Dietary Supplements, Functional Food, Functional Beverages and Vitamins.

Althae Nutrition at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017

Discover our new range of products Click & drink® – organic liquid food supplements, presented at the Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017 trade show.