Customized Products

Create custom supplement and dietetic formulations that resonate with your market.
At Althae Nutrition we create for you totally customizable products at your expectations with expertise based on ethical principles and quality, with plenty of opportunities to decline according to your requests.

Customized products

Flexibility: We always strive to respond to you by providing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Custom products may be as simple as a single ingredient formula, or a complex mix of ingredients. Our R&D team can develop your customized dietary supplements or high protein product by creating a completely original custom formulations, as well as modify an existing formulation.

Each custom nutritional supplement goes through rigorous testing to ensure that your formulation meets our high manufacturing standards. As for all our products, your custom supplements are produced in a GMP compliant.

  • Product

    High protein powders, food supplements, snacks: choose your product

  • Requirements

    Make it match with your technical requirements

  • Finishing

    Taste, colour, shape: choose the finishing touches

  • Packaging

    Customized foil, boxes, displays: choose your packaging

  • Brand & Message

    Print your brand and message on your product